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“Worth the gamble” Korean fastball pitcher challenges major call-up even after taking a 3-year break

The ‘gunbaekgi (enlistment gap)’ was not unique to Korea. Noah Song, a fastball pitcher that major league clubs had their eyes on, also had to leave the baseball behind due to his enlistment. An opportunity came to try again in the major leagues after 3 years, but there is not much time. He has to see the match in 5 weeks.

Noah Song became a hot topic when he participated in the 2019 Premier12 as a member of the US national team. At the same time that he was selected in the 4th round by the Boston Red Sox in the amateur draft in the same year, he was in a situation where he was about to enlist as a graduate of the Naval Academy.

In the past, like the NBA’s David Robinson, there are cases where professional sports players have continued their careers by delaying enlistment, but Noah Song had to enlist as is. Before enlisting, Noah Song became an officer after leaving a notable record of 1.06 ERA in 7 Single A games, 17 innings, 19 strikeouts.

Noah Song, who seemed to be forgotten like this, drew attention again when his transfer to Philadelphia was confirmed in the Rule 5 draft in December of last year. Philadelphia took a gamble even knowing Noah Song’s military hiatus. On the 25th (Korean time), he joined the Philadelphia camp and started training.

American The Athletic reported, “He looked a little awkward, probably because no one had ever experienced anything like Noah Song.” “Kyle Schwaber and JT Realmuto watched from a distance and played a joke to make Noah Song feel comfortable.”

Noah Song will challenge the 26-man roster during the remaining spring camp period. Even in the uncertain future, where we have to see the match in just five weeks, Noah Song said, “It seemed that the major leagues were getting farther away from reality as the years went by. But when I was playing baseball, a lot of the things I wanted came true. I was happy when I was in the military, and I tried to enjoy it.” A positive attitude was emphasized. 바카라사이트

Philadelphia president Dave Dombrowski said, “The reality is a gamble. I don’t know if Noah Song will hit 85 or 95 mph when he catches the ball and throws it from the mound. Still, I think he’s a player worth the gamble.”

Dombrowski was in Boston when he nominated Noah Song. “We (Boston) thought Noah Song was the best pitcher in college. We thought he had the potential to keep the top rotation.” Now it’s time to consider whether you can keep Noah Song for another five weeks.

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